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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Dinah Roe admitted in her first blog post to owning a Lady Shalott floaty pen; I hereby admit that the first thing that drew me to William Morris was a pretty book-cover, and the fact he and my father share a certain look.

My Dad
William Morris

But my interest in this great Victorian has grown far beyond pretty books and his passing resemblance to relatives (and strange coincidences involving Proserpine*). For the past year, I've been writing a brief biography of Morris. The William Morris Society was kind enough to help with the project, granting me their Society award last year.

During my jolly boating expedition down the broad Thames of Morris's life, I've found many 'gardens green' bordering the banks. I've even ventured up a tributary or two. But sadly, if my book hopes to be simple and short, many of my discoveries must be left out.

That's where the blog comes in. Read on to find all the geeky details that won't fit in a popular biography!

*See page 10 of linked newsletter.

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